who am I meant to be?

Maybe you know by now and maybe you don’t… I love sharing the goodness life throws in my path. I mostly share on Instagram &/or Facebook but when the thoughts are deeper and more impactful (more to write lol) I turn to this space. My blog. I’m glad you’re here and hope with all my heart that you read something today that strengths your belief in you and the One who created you! 

So last night I was struggling with figuring out my ‘Brand’ and what platform I should focus on. Wondering what a brand is? Well it’s the things that get you out of bed in the morning; the things that bring you joy! I’ve been listening to some of Kristen Boss’ podcast trainings and she has had me thinking. Let me explain. I want to connect with people in a way that brings them value way beyond me just randomly posting thoughts and activities and what I think people would want to see/read. I want to be a friend and to offer value to just the right people. I don’t know who they are exactly but I do know God does and He can use my platform. So that’s where all this started. Last evening I started to journal my thoughts on paper, and then continued typing them till 1 am lol. Nothing concrete developed. I was still confused but exhaustion knew my best and sent me to bed. I know my talents and what I’m sharing right now but felt I needed to ‘focus it’ a bit more; streamline it. Felt if I slept on all I’d just journaled something would come to focus in the AM. 

Then this morning this happened. This question popped into my head… ‘why is the way I’m sharing now not okay?’

So that question led to more journaling but this time in my quiet time (worship time I set aside to read the Bible and journal my prayers) and in my prayer journal. Here today in my blog I wanted to share what flowed through my pen. If you haven’t heard me say this before… this is how I see God communicating with me. How He gets my attention Through thoughts and pen & paper. I’ve seen it happened over and over again. It’s a beautiful and humbling thing. 

So here it is. It just felt amazing to read this message. (sharing cause it’s not just for me  ).

“Make me different and unique so people will ask “what is different about you?” then I can tell them about YOU! and all the goodness You provide us everyday like…”

This one-on-one time. 

Nature that grounds us. 

Health that helps us focus and opens hope channels to God.

Creativity that opens our hearts to God’s interpretation and vision.

Movement that revitalizes us.

Do you struggle with where your identity lies? Let me remind you… In Genesis we are told we are created by God. In John 3:16 we are told God loved us so much more than we could ever comprehend and gave us an eternal home to live with Him.. It also says he made a huge sacrifice so we could freely have this choice. He wants us! He loves us! He pursues us! So if you are struggling with your identity you can accept the identity He is handing you. 

God is so good! He gives us community so we can help each other out… and gives us opportunities to encourage and remind each ofter of his hope and love. 

Have a fabulous day friends!

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