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I tend to question things a lot! In some ways that’s good but today I learned that trust is a must for my sanity and of those around me.

Today started with a frustraiting phone call. I’m learning that my feelings often dictate my reactions and ultimately the outcome of that moment so again …Today I had to start with my Bible concordance open along side my prayer journal while telling God how I was feeling. Stressed. Annoyed. Troubled. Bothered. Like I deserved better than this. Things make better sense when I run them past God and that’s exactly what started to happen. After reading in Exodus, Ruth, Job, John, Colossians, and Hebrews the verses showed a similar theme. Trust. What it is. Why we have it. And what happens when we don’t use it.

In the Bible there’s a story where the Israelites chose to ignore God’s lead upon finding the promised land… they chose to question God instead of trust him. Remember what happened? They were sent back into the wilderness to roam around for generations and loose out on seeing that promise first hand. That doesn’t mean God disowned them but they didn’t get to experience the gift of trusting in him he wanted so badly for them to have first hand.
Same with now. I usually question and search out answers on my own and “wander around in the wilderness” until I figure out again that life just doesn’t work without God leading.

Several of the verses pointed out something about trust…. and I have to add here faith, hope and rest because they all go together in my mind. Don’t think you fully have one without the others. The point I found was that trust is there right now just waiting for us to use it. ‘Us’ meaning those who believe in God. Hebrews 4:1-3 kinda sums this all up.
“God’s promise of entering his rest(trusting in him) still stands, so we ought to tremble with fear that some of you might fail to experience it (like how I started out my day finding my own answers). For this good news-that God has prepared this rest-has been announced to us just as it was to them (the Israelites). But it did them no good because they didn’t share the faith of those who listened to God (they didn’t combine what they heard with faith). For only we who believe can enter his rest. As for the others, God said, ‘In my anger I took an oath: “They will never enter my place of rest,”‘ (read Psalm 95) even though this rest has been ready since he made the world.”

All of this reading made me realize that I can learn to trust in my day-to-day because I trust in God because he is walking through the day with me. I’m not out-on-my own in my day when I intentially start it with him. I’m also learning about praying without ceasing…. another gift God has given us. Because I trust in God I can trust the interactions with people each day. Because I trust in God I can trust the common sense he’s given me. Because I trust in God I can trust in myself too .. because He is with me!! Isn’t that amazing and awesome and just flat out spectacular?! We really can have the gift of trust!! Fully!

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