today is a beautiful day

It’s been hot here in Salem for the past couple days. Love the sun but instant hot/humid weather took some adjusting. 

Things look different on hot, sunny days. Abbi and I taking our jog mid morning before it gets hot. Fitting in any yard work before it gets hot. Closing up the house before it gets hot. Lol I’m seeing a pattern here. I’m a coastal girl so cool breezes blowing through the house are a comfort and a joy. Summer has its ups and downs for me. 

I’m not complaining though for I’ll be the first one to sit in the heat of the day by a lake and just bake till I have to jump in the water. Now that’s a great summer day. 

Camping has been put on hold like so many other things this year of 2020. Definitely a year we’ll remember. Our area is in the Phase 1 stage of opening back up. But honestly “What does that really mean?” Trying not to think too much into the what if’s and might be’s cause they do me no good. 

Working on my mental health lately. Creative time, focus, and reflection. I have full days but never force myself to accomplish everything on the list because what’s the use when I can do it another day. Of course the important things get done but I’ve learned… Years ago I was the first to accomplish everything just to check it off and be accomplished. It felt great to announce all that I’d done. I was a multitasker and achiever to a downfall. My downfall. Over did it and paid for it. 

But that’s behind me now and I’m looking ahead. Hopefully it shines through my actions and creative laid-back mindset that anyone can live happily without getting it all done right now too. Here’s to time with families, friends and time for doing what we love. 

What I love. Knitting, drawing, carding & spinning fiber, walking my dog, gardening, visits with my family and nature adventures. These are my life accomplishments. I don’t have a degree on paper but I do have a degree in parenting/being the mom my kids need; in relationships; being a loving, respectful wife to my husband; be-friending; creating; and living & learning. All the things I will always have even if I change careers or location. I like that. To see what is truly valuable in life.

Wishing you a bouquet of daisies kind of day. (Allergen free!)

Sitting here knitting in the front yard enjoying the cooling weather this afternoon. Rain storms are promised for the next week. working on a sweater I was hoping to finish for a KAL that ends Sunday. But I’m ok with where I’m at since it’s such a fun pattern to knit. And I can already see that this one will fit!! That’s an accomplishment to me lol.

Ethereal Sweater in progress. Such a fun knit!

Well that’s all for now. Hope this post has found you well and thriving. Wishing you good health & true joy. Till next time friends. Happy weekend.

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