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So I literally just wrote a whole blog post and then promptly deleted it lol. How the heck do you do that?! Well I managed to and I’m still trying to figure out how but while it’s still fresh in my mind I’m writing the bits and pieces that still remain. Maybe they ultimately are the only ones that should ever have been written. I have a mind like that. I have to write a thought down right away or it will get crowded out by new ones. 

I love to journal. I love to create. I love to connect with people in social media. But… I feel my words, creativity and connection are falling on to the wayside and are becoming a much too random space me and not being found by the right followers. Does that make sense? I want to genuinely connect with people that reciprocate the connection. I will always (using the word ‘always’ loosely cause I can’t control my future decisions lol) post and share genuinely and enjoy seeing how many likes and hearts and shares I get BUT I also want to branch out more and provide opportunity for myself and my audience that includes more connection and value. Maybe things we would hashtag for or seek out as inspiration. Wow that was long winded but I hope the point in understandable. If not here’s a simpler version

The idea is to provide a variety of follower options/opportunities. A subscription of sorts. Would start out with a free version and a couple paid ones to see what is most followed. The main goal is to meet with people that want to follow me in a similar-interest-kinda-of-space instead of on sorted and pre-determined platforms. I don’t like being dictated on who sees my shares by how active we all are. 

Before I do a trial run I’d like to hear from you! 

  1. Does the thought of creative connection make you smile too?
  2. Do you like free content or prefer to pay into a subscription that offers exclusive value created just for you the paying subscriber? or both?
  3. Do you like snail mail? or prefer printable content? or both? 
  4. How often would you want to receive content before it becomes annoying? (it’s a thing!! too much content can be overwhelming!)
  5. Would you be subscribing for A. creative ideas? B. things to use or gifts to regift? or C. Just the opportunity to be included in my creative journey? 
  6. Lastly… share what else comes to mind that I haven’t already mentioned. 

I’m excited to hear from you! I’m excited to connect with people that see value in similar things as I. I’m excited to encourage and build creative belief. 

Lastly… just remembered a bit that got deleted along with my original post that I still want to include here… I’m not doing this as an influencer. I have no agenda to create duplicate creatives or cast a big shadow. What I am excited about though is to encourage and spread awareness. I do hold the belief that we all have creative tendencies but whether you want to tap into yours or just enjoy through mine that is totally up to you. Creativity is a healthy opportunity to some pretty sad alternatives. That being said if you do want to learn more about how to develop and add creativity to your day I’ll consider adding a subscription to also address that. 

Seeing you here makes me smile and warms my heart. Thanks for being a part of my create journey and sharing in this here creative space!

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