ready for the holidays?

The anticipation is real !! My mind is a-buzz with making and creating for an upcoming mini art fair. Putting together knit ornaments, stickers and cards. I’ll add in some of my dolls and bags just in case things don’t get made as I expect I have time for. You know how things happen. One of my big ideas… possibly too big for this year… is a mini knit stocking advent calendar. I have so many fond memories of taking turns with a couple advent calendars my mom had set up for me and my sister. Some Christmas traditions follow us and evolve with vision and experience. This is one. Wait and see may just actually become a thing, Hoping to have at least one finished up.

Why do I add one more thing (BIG THING) to my to-do list at the beginning of December?! Because it’s so much fun to stand by my booth display and watch people browse with holiday delight shining in their eyes. The excitement in planning for such a fun time of year, shopping with friends and family, and making new memories and traditions. I love that my creations become someone else’s treasures. Gifted or kept they become bits of creative inspiration. That’s where I find the delight.

Just a short post here but hoping my excitement leads you into your own. How we enter a season is our choice. I like to remind myself of the slower pace of winter. Slower because there aren’t gardens to tend to or summer vacations to be had. It’s slower because the days are shorter and we are drawn indoors more to cuddle around the warmth of the a roaring fireplace or gather in the kitchen with the kiddos, sisters or friends to bake holiday treats. This slower season is still mighty full but is slower cause the moments are more focused and simple. Or at least if we pay close attention we’ll see that they are. When we start with Jesus then he becomes the reason for the season; hope, joy and peace, and simply memorable. Heartwarming.

“Winter Sticker Sheet” 

Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas friends!

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