oh my goodness!!

Handmade items make me smile.

Oh my goodness, I’m not sure if this was a good thing or not!! So much more complicated than I’d seen in Skillshare tutorials and what I’d convinced myself of. But I’m getting there. It’s a big change and big changes throw my mind off course way too easily. So what am I talking about?! Well, you’re reading it right now. A new web platform featuring my blog and handmade sale items. I’ve wanted to have more say over how I share and sell things online so here we are. A brick and mortar store is my favorite option but not entirely practical at this point in life so an online store alongside my blog it is. And I’m excited to share it with you. Starting out with just a couple items with more planned “not too far in the future” (fingers crossed lol).

October is nearly over!! I’ve always calculated the end of the month by “it’s already the last weekend for pumpkin patch’s!!” I still think they should be open a couple weekends into November too but there are so many holidays cram-packed into the fall/winter season that things just might meld into each other if we did that. So much to do! But oh so many wonderful memories too.

Take-away…. I’m already overwhelming myself by starting something big and new-to-me as the holidays approach. But I’m choosing to not get caught up in over-commitment and instead approaching it all with excitement and a positive mindset AND grace. Let’s do this!! Approach the holidays, new things and all the uncomfortable stuff with open hearts. Not saying we have to do it perfectly or even with a smile but do activities in a way that when you walk away at the end of the day you are still ok in your heart. That’s what matters. When we’re taking care of ourselves (self-care) then we are much better humans to be around right?! We can do this.

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