my plexus journey

I’ve had so many ups and downs with my health over the past 10 or so years.  Can’t date when it all started but it has been a long road.  Nothing entirely debilitating but definitely annoying enough to change up my schedule more often than not.  If you deal with allergies, auto immune disease, chronic illness or just feel age then you know what I mean.  Feeling bad doesn’t always come with an expensive diagnosis; like already mentioned it could just be age or life catching up to you.

I’ve searched the many supplements out there (which is an overwhelming amount) and found none that satisfied me.  Some made me react with rashes and stomach pain, others did nothing but make my pee bright colors lol.  (Sorry for the access detail 🙂 But it’s true…so many companies put their name onto “lesser products” for more gain.  And since the FDA doesn’t have the authority to approve or disapprove supplement products these companies can get away with just what they are doing…deceiving the public.  Now I’m not saying that all the available companies are deceitful!  Absolutely not…but as the consumer we need to do our research as I have done so many times…only to walk away disappointed…UNTIL…I was introduced to Plexus.  I’m throwing the name out there right away because I like it when people are up front with me.  No secret agenda here 🙂 As I said it’s all about research but in this case the reviews were good so I had to take it a step farther and give it a trial run.  Well if the fact that I’m still using it 4 months later says anything, lol, then I hope you will give it a chance too.

Ok I’m not going to go into all the long drawn out descriptions of each product (you can research that yourself in the link below) etc…but I do want to let you in on my journey and thats what this page is all about.  Stick with me. Ask questions. I invite you to check out  for product details and what they can do for you and your health.


November 2017 – March 2018

To begin it’s only fair to say a little more about what I deal with.  Like I said it’s nothing life threatening but is annoying.  I have seasonal hay-fever, mold, dust and dairy allergies; soy, egg and coconut sensitivities (to name a few).  Now I haven’t always had these.  Some maybe as a kid but were mild enough to not really notice.  But at several different stages in my life one more would pop up.  Some would seem to go away but then show up again. So for about 15 years I’ve been constantly on an “illimination” diet of sorts always trying to find the fault so I could live again without worrying so much.  Then it became a little more complicated with IBS, deep chest infections, which led to bad reactions to NSAIDs and chronic fatigue; depression, anxiety, panic attacks, eczema…I could tell some of these things were induced by illness, over-activity, stress or trying & failing with so many prescribed and over-the-counter remedies but on my own or with doctors direction/tests I still had no answers nor alleviated any of the above.

Then the hype for probiotics came into our world.  Everywhere there were products promising miracle changes and health benefits beyond your imagination but even with these products I only found disappointment.

Now taking a different direction let me say that my sister and I share helps & tips we find useful with each other all the time.  “No pressure” advice.  But if we find something exciting we share with the other.  And so was the case when my sister shared the new supplements she had started taking and handed me a catalog filled with ingredients and benefits of each product. She knows I am always so careful and have to read everything before even considering.  Well long story short I decided to order the pre & probiotics from this company and started taking them right away.  With promises of health in my near future (they say 3-6 months out) I was super excited to give this new “life” a try.  But in the back of my mind loomed some huge life altering questions “cost“…”waste of money & time?”…”beneficial?”…”for the rest of my life?”… All honest concerns!  I started and stopped the supplements 2 times because I felt I was having reactions to them but now 4 months later and counting I’m more aware of what pre & probiotics actually do in the body (healing from the inside out) and that the reactions I was having weren’t adversemore  ones because of the supplements but were ultimately from them healing my gut. Amazing if you think about it!  So now I am far enough into the healing process that I won’t turn back…I have more energy, desire water and good foods, have a stronger immune system and look forward to many more benefits as I continue the healing process.

So what am I taking?  Prebiotics (biocleanse), Probiotics (Probio5), multivitamin (XFactorPlus) , and a natural pain and inflammation reducer (Ease).

Till next post remember you CAN feel better..I’m living proof! and don’t forget to click on to see for yourself. It’s for your health & happiness!!!IMG_4470

Journey Continued…June 20, 2018

I’ve earned Silver Ambassador Status!! Yeah!  This in it’s simplicity means that the people I’m sharing Plexus with are excited about it too.  Growing my team.

Recently I felt like I had hit a plateau in healing.  Thought maybe it was me not doing something right but realized that I’m still dealing with Candida die-off symptoms.  If you’ve never looked into what that is google it!! Crazy stuff that happens in our bodies when the bad bacteria doesn’t have it’s way anymore.  The symptoms that effect me are skin issues (enhanced from what I already deal with) and weight gain.  Apparently our liver has to play catch up to all the good happening and can take a little extra time to filter out the Candida die-off toxins.  So now I’m making sure I get in all my water plus a little extra and eating whole foods as consistently as possible.  Also decided to stop bread for awhile (not that there is anything wrong with bread…just a little harder to digest for most) to help my digestion to de-stress.  I’m looking forward to results!!

I’ve also learned that taking a multi-vitamin is more important for you than most people think.  We not only would never be able to get all the whole wholesome foods in us daily to guarantee all our nutrients but in addition there are many factors playing against our healthiest eating habits.  Our bodies are dealing with toxins in the air, water and earth 24/7. Things we won’t be rid of until Jesus re-creates this earth at His second coming. In addition we have our individual medical histories that contribute to stress on our systems.  Stress, inflammation, immune disorders, allergies, age…all contribute to how our bodies heal.  And what God meant for us….vitamins and minerals…from a great source is the only way to stand against all this inflicting bombardment.

So I am encouraged in taking my multi-vitamin and probiotics daily.  Even if I’m not 100% functioning I know I’m better off with them than without them.  Like it’s said, ‘Consider how long it took for your body to get to this state of health….it’s not going to heal overnight.’  Healing takes time.  Which brings up another point.

I had been feeling so awesome, with energy renewed and moods lifted so I thought I would try stopping my anti-depressant meds.  Well, it worked for a couple weeks but then I realize than no I’m not healed enough to do that yet.  I’m back on a very low doze and am ok with it.  So many improvements now with a lifetime for more. Can’t rush healing.

So if you are reading this and are wondering if you could benefit; absolutely!  Everyone deserves great quality supplements at an affordable price.  Contact me here if you are interested in making a change.


Journey continued….October 24, 2018

Another day…another month! Before we know it we’ll be singing Christmas carols and decorating for the season.  Isn’t it the truth though?!  I say it every year. “Before we know it…”  Well actually with every big event approaching, like summer vacation or a weekend retreat. The momentous occasion (or just life) pull you in….time flies by….in-the-end leaving you reeling with all the memories.  So much like my journey with Plexus!! Remembering back I see myself in my sisters kitchen when she handed me the product catalog and for the first time I got to browse the products and details.  I didn’t need anyone to explain the details for me to get excited.  I knew I couldn’t go wrong in trying this one. This first decision led me thru the milestones in my journey;  jumping me from questioning…to really excited…and finally to wanting to share.  From the first moment to now, I’m left reeling with all the memories and experiences.

So it’s been about 10 months of consistently taking the supplements.  I’ve tried different products thru the line but mostly stuck with these basics believing that they are the truth behind my healing.  Probiotics (TriPlex), multi-vitamin (XFactorPlus) & my pain&inflammation reducer (Ease).  I throw Block in there once in a while too to help block the extra carbs and sugars on “cheat” meals/occasions; knowing its safe for my body to take it since it only blocks the extras and not what my body needs.  How they figure all this out is beyond me.  I am just so grateful that Plexus has a great team that can and has figured it out!!  The goodness is finally in my hand after so many years of loosing hope.

Here’s my update!! After all that’s why I came by this morning, right?! teehee.

I’ve realized that BioCleanse can be used to adjust healthy BM frequency and ProBio5 can be used to break down extra microbiome when I’m feeling sickly or am having a die-off episode due to my wrong eating choices. And that they both help with bloating. As a stress-eater I can use all the help I can get lol. But in all honesty I admit our food at this point in our history of this earth is not the best of quality.  So if I need to take supplements proven scientifically to heal my body I will take them.  Why wouldn’t I!! Really!!

RESULTS!! I’m excited to report gut bloat is down, I’m loosing weight, some of my food sensitivities are going away!! and my skin is healing.  4 days ago I started using the Joyome skin care products.  I’ve been sensitive to coconut for a few years so whenever I tried a sample pack results were always inflammation at the site of application. This last time I tried it I went 3 days without inflammation!! WOW!! So why am I so excited?!?! Here’s why:

I have eczema and eczema reactions are said to come from sensitivities and allergies we have whether environmental, topical or ingested. My Dermatologist had advised I find a way to minimize the effects of environmental toxins since I’m allergic to mold and dust…and also because there are so many chemicals in the air I should be avoiding with my sensitive skin.  So when Plexus introduced Joyome last year and said that it had probiotics in to help control the microbiome on our skin I knew exactly what they were talking about!!  And also that I NEEDED THIS PRODUCT!!…but one thing still stood in my way.  It has coconut in the ingredients. I had been reacting to coconut and knew that would be a problem. But I also knew that I was taking my probiotics that were magnificently healing my gut and that soon I’d be able to slowly allow coconut back in.  And when that whole thought process finally fell into place just like a great theme line in your favorite book…it made me glow!! All my patience had really started to pay off.

~Seeing I needed the products!


~Taking the products consistently!

BOTH….led to my healing in the gut (with multiple results) which in turn starting healing in more noticeable areas.  Not the possibilities seem endless.

Guess the question is “Why wouldn’t I be doing this?! …..Why aren’t you doing this!?”

Journey continued… November 19, 2018

So about a month ago I started using the skin care product Joyome.  ‘Wow!’ if I might say so myself, lol.  Let me give a little history…

Thru the past couple years I had developed (on top of everything else) a sensitivity to coconut.  This was awful since I used coconut to create all those wonderful creamy dessert replacements like key lime pie, pumpkin pie, and whipped toppings (mmmm)!  Of course I gave them up and still haven’t introduced them back into my diet but that wasn’t the only place coconut had started bothering me.  I had developed a topical sensitivity too. So all those creamy “healing” lotions said to nourish my eczema-ravished skin weren’t an option anymore.  Bother!! I turned to trying to find other solutions but even they would seem to help for awhile then begin to irritate my skin too. Eczema was starting to take control.  

Then after using plexus supplements for about 10 months a new skincare product was released…Joyome.  The exciting part of Joyome was that it had microbiome balancing ingredients in it that were said to, ‘help replenish and protect the skin’s moisture barrier’. For me this meant help guard agains environmental toxins (as my dermatologist had explained).  Now I know from experience that nothing is fool-proof or nor does anything completely heal a problem but I was eager to give this new product a try even though I knew it contained coconut derived ingredients.  And you guessed it; the first 2 times I tried it my skin welted and swelled up on the application site.  But the third time it didn’t.  WHY?! you ask!! Well… I believe that since I had been using the plexus probiotics and bio-available multi-vitamins for 10 ish months they had been working hard on healing my gut which in turn began to allow me to once again digest nutrients that my body had been fighting.  It’s said that our skin is also an organ and has bacteria in and on it which needs help in controlling just as in our intestines.  Isn’t that cool!! Now for the majority of people this may just seem interesting but for those like me with skin issues and sensitivities this is AWESOME news!! And that’s why I was so excited and persistent to give Joyome a try.  No, it’s not a cure for eczema (especially since no conclusive cause has been founded) but it is an opportunity for those of us who suffer to help control our flareups.  

So that’s why I’m sharing today. When I started using Joyome I took a before picture and then about a month later an “after” picture.  I was hesitant to share these pictures for just one reason.  Not everyone will heal the same way.  Most of you will get better & faster results than I have or may ever get.  But for me my results feel like a blessing. When I have an eczema flare up I can apply a small amount to help control that spot; and with daily applications my skin is slowly strengthening to help fight those flare ups because I’m adding that excellent balancing microbiome layer.

Again I need to share that Plexus Worldwide doesn’t claim to heal or fix any diseases or issues with their products.  They have done excellent research in creating quality supplement combos that our bodies are able to absorb to begin a healing process.  Each person will respond differently to supplements depending on their health and lifestyle.  It’s up to the consumer to work with their physician to create a personalized health- plan/life-style along with the recommended supplements.  But if your physician is like mine they will get excited when you show interested in healing our body with a little work and time rather than with instant medications.  

Journey continued…..March 5, 2019

I will always be amazed how much can happen health wise in just a few short months. Actually most of it has happened in just a couple weeks. So I gave a new product called Metaburn a try for a month to see if it would help with my metabolism etc. At first I felt lift and less desire to eat but as usual my eating handicaps kicked in. Yes that’s right I’ve realized that a lot of my weight problem is–plain and simple–from bad eating habits. I’m now working on getting that under control. Creating healthy meal plans and focusing on the positives in life to avoid the stress triggers for over eating. Went cabin camping with my husband this past weekend IN THE SNOW!! and realized that the lack of a schedule really lessened my stress level. Being able to sit and be in the moment; being able to inhale nature and really see our relationship created a freedom from stress I haven’t experienced in a long time. I’m also learning to forgive myself and not see myself through the glasses I thought my husband saw me thru. Wow I put so much pressure on myself and so much blame on others. It feels amazing to have these realizations come to light! But now here I am wandering off the topic even though its still so much the topic lol. Stress is a part of me…I realize that now more than ever…and I’m learning how to handle it with supplements, in quiet time with God, self-talk and relationships.

But back to my Plexus journey 🙂 I should really call it my health journey cause Plexus is just helping to round out the whole of it. I stopped eating so many nuts and started eating my vegetables cooked. Apparently lectins (lectins are plant proteins that bind to molecules in cell membranes of the intestinal tract, irritate tissues, and cause tight junction proteins to malfunction.) can cause leaky gut and anything that is working against the probiotics I’m taking I want to stop till my gut is healed up. Anyway this has helped. I’m not going to be one of those extremest and never eat nuts etc (things with high lectins in them) again lol but I do believe that eating less of such will help my gut heal so I can enjoy these foods and digest them properly without overwhelming my body. A good example of sensitivities going away because of increasing gut health is this… a couple years ago I started having reactions to eggs. Would rash out on my chest and my tongue would tingle. I’ve tried several times since the first reaction to eat eggs again but with no improvement until about 3 weeks ago!! I had a hard boiled egg and had no reactions!! I know this is from better digestion!! I’m amazed and in awe that gut health research is actually working in me !! Non of this stuff is made up. I’m not claiming that plexus supplements have healed me but I do believe that the supplements have enabled my body to get back to a healthy state. And of course every body is different and will heal just as differently. This is my story and not a claim to plexus healing or diagnosing my issues. Just me taking these bio-available supplements and probiotics and experiencing the results.

Also started up MegaX again which is the plant based essential omega’s. And was able to start using the skin care product Joyome again. It has coconut in it like I think I had mention earlier–which I also have an accumulated sensitivity to–but as time allows my system to heal I have less reactions and am able to utilize the goodness of these products as they are intended. Wow I wonder what all the doctors and dermatologist I’ve seen would say if I could tell them about this journey. The “diagnosis” they had labeled my issues with was so far off base. The medical community is starting to see the research behind gut health and the benefits in probiotics so hopefully more people will be properly diagnosed and treated in the future. Guess I’ve just been a guinea pig for all this time so others could benefit sooner. I’m ok with that now 🙂

Have you tried Plexus yet? I’d love to hear what your results are.

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