knitting therapy


I’d like to share something wonderful with you.

When you have something controlling your will to survive it can be debilitating. Whether it be depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, chronic pain or just the loss of socialization it’s hard to get past these alone. Maybe you are already seeking medical attention for these or one of another – I’m proud of you for doing so! That’s a big step! But still we tend to second-guess the how’s and the when’s.

I’m sure you’ve seen articles suggesting that knitting and crocheting are actually really good for you. Well they were right to suggest so. I recently read a book written by Betsan Corkhill called “Knit for Health and Wellness” and in her research found evidence that knitting truly is beneficial. But since I’m not a therapist and can’t brag of a medical degree I will leave the research details for your own personal reading. Here I just want to focus on one detail to get you started. Knitting. Obviously knitting isn’t a cure-all but when used correctly it can help to bring a wandering individual full circle in becoming focused and well-rounded. Let me share a couple of my favorite quotes from her book.

“It’s not about getting you to sit all day knitting….it’s about a whole person approach to your well-being and using knitting as a tool to improve your health and wellness.”

“It’s about developing a central core of ‘feeling good’ despite external influences…”

She calls it the “whole-person approach”. Reading this research which backs up what I’ve felt for so long is justifying and such a comfort. Here is why it means so much to me.

Firstly that I love knitting and I want to share the calm it can provide.
Secondly the research from Betsan Corkhill is inspiring and beneficial
and I just want to share it with you!
Thirdly the research is there but the opportunity hasn’t been…until now.

No, I’m not a therapist or medical professional! So please read more of Betsan Corkhill’s research on her website or in her book. It’s absolutely fascinating what our bodies can do to heal themselves. I believe that therapists and doctors could positively use knitting as a helpful “therapy” along side the already prescribed treatments.

So now that a seed has been planted let me just add that having someone to show you the how’s and the when’s can be a big help. I want to mentor you into the form of knitting that fits you best. Then along your journey help you recognize the everyday moments where you can best use your new-found knitting skills to bring you calm and opportunity. Instead of giving you just the how’s I also want to be there to help you with the when’s.

Thank you for considering this wonderful opportunity.
Kimberly Watts.
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Knitting Options
……group sizes will vary due to class choice, abilities & location…..
Learning to Knit for You – learn the how’s of knitting that work for you
Knitting for Calm & Control –
Basic – uses basic knitting skills
Musical rhythmic knitting – finding that calm
Knit and Chat – social knitting
Knitting for Support/Therapy groups – when worked along side a medical professional for those dealing with:
physical therapy
pain management

Contact me for class & group costs.  Benefits of cost include supplies, teacher (me), & personalized learning.

Class Levels
Eager to Learn – has the interest but no experience.

Beginner knitter – has done the basics of knit, purl & possibly cast on, bind off but needs friendly reminders.

Adventurous knitter – remembers basics & ready for the next step.

Advanced knitter – has been knitting for a while & wants to learn a new pattern.

Knitting for Therapy – any of the above plus desire to benefit from this technique.

Who would benefit:
Retirement Centers
Therapy Centers
Pain Therapy Centers
Church Groups
Work Environments

Home of Therapeutic Knitting since 2005

Book “Knit for Health and Wellness” by Betsan Corkhill

Just to be clear I am not a therapist or medical professional. Please don’t confuse what I can offer here as a substitute to medical treatment. Always consult your doctor before starting any suggested healing alternatives. My goal is for your medical provider to use the things you learn from knitting as an addition to what they are already giving you. I am a knitter wanting to share the benefits of how knitting can help YOU and those you love and care about. What I offer you is knowledge of the basics of knitting then I can show you how and when to use them for calming, strengthening and connecting those missing pieces of your life so you can be your full potential.
My advice is only advice but I hope you will join me in learning how positive knitting can be for you.


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