It can be fun slipping back into old habits. Like a self-justification that you can handle anything. That the thing you wanted to change back then (for whatever reasons) doesn’t effect you anymore and you are stronger now. 

But then how empowering it is to look at that old habit and say out loud YOU HAVE NOTHING OVER ME! You don’t own me anymore! 

Stop letting life beat you into submission. Do what needs to be done to live the best version of you for YOU and stop trying to show up all the time for everyone else. 

I know some of who I am disappoints some people but I’m choosing to NOT apologize anymore. I need to show up for me to be strong for others. That’s the only way this life thing can happen. God gave me my tendencies, dreams, gifts, abilities and drive to work with so that’s where I’m focusing. 

But what about what everyone else needs? Shouldn’t I be showing up for them too? Showing up for yourself IS showing up for them. Be that example they need. Be that strength in your own life that they need to learn from. The only reason they need you to show up for them is because they aren’t showing up for themselves. Punch to the gut? good. Truth is hard but in the long run we all benefit from it.

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