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Funny that my first thought to write is that I’m drinking a mug of coolish decaf coffee…black…and I’m liking it lol! I usually need some sort of cream of sweetener to enjoy the coffee taste but not today. Maybe this will be a new thing for me  or maybe not cause the acidity it still strong. I’ve been experimenting with making my own hemp milk and decided (after someone queried about this) to try making hemp cream. I really had to convince myself to taste it after blending it up, but it was good . Really no hemp flavor, unless my taste buds are adapted to it and a novice would notice; and very little sweetener since I only added a few dates to the blend. The only issue is it used half a cup of hemp hearts to make one cup…in my version at least. Thats a bit much to make very often. I just really can’t bring myself to buying pre-made milk alternatives or creamers that have a huge list of all the thickeners, sweeteners & preservatives in them (just can’t) so that’s why I started making my own. Honestly I’m glad this black cup of decaf is enjoyable this time. Makes me realize I don’t need all the extra frills and such.

I started a Charity Yarn Group at our church. ‘Yarn’ hence the fact that there could be knitters and/or crocheters there and there were  I want everyone to feel welcome! So if you live in Salem, Oregon leave a comment and I can send you info on our next gathering. But back to my thought. At the first group we discussed all sorts of ways we can create to help people and animals. But one area stands highlighted in my mind still and I decided to google ideas. That’s where I came across a crochet project that was certainly adorable, even for crochet, but with knitting being my first love I decided to alter the pattern and create a knit version. This is my first attempt. I know there will be more but maybe not soon for I still love the fully stuffed dolls and critters best. But it was fun to do. Haven’t written down the pattern yet mostly because it was so simple to figure out but maybe I should anyways. Even a dish cloth can have my mind scrambling to remember how many stitches were co and what size needles I used. Never hurts to write something down and then of course I can say “I wrote a pattern and here it is” like I need some sort of confirmation of accomplishment lol. It does feel good to have a finished piece and pattern to go with it though. 

So happy creating to you all. Maybe find a day to set aside for creating a project for a charity in your area. There are so many ways we can use our creative talents.

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