thinking out loud

So I literally just wrote a whole blog post and then promptly deleted it lol. How the heck do you do that?! Well I managed to and I'm still trying to figure out how but while it's still fresh in my mind I'm writing the bits and pieces that still remain. Maybe they ultimately are … Continue reading thinking out loud

trust . hope . faith . rest

I tend to question things a lot! In some ways that's good but today I learned that trust is a must for my sanity and of those around me. Today started with a frustraiting phone call. I'm learning that my feelings often dictate my reactions and ultimately the outcome of that moment so again ...Today … Continue reading trust . hope . faith . rest

who am I meant to be?

Rosemary blooms. Maybe you know by now and maybe you don't... I love sharing the goodness life throws in my path. I mostly share on Instagram &/or Facebook but when the thoughts are deeper and more impactful (more to write lol) I turn to this space. My blog. I'm glad you're here and hope with … Continue reading who am I meant to be?

onto the next

I’ve been thinking about writing in here for some time but just couldn’t figure out the right subject.  Then when drawing up a printable coloring sheet to share online yesterday I realized something valuable.  Am I creating on demand or because I love to? So I tried something.  Looking at the incomplete picture I was … Continue reading onto the next

peace all year long

Decided this week to draw a picture around the word peace. For many years the week after Christmas was a build up to let-down. The first of the year left behind holiday excitement and led into literally nothing. Have you felt that too? After having 3 wonderful and exciting, high paced holidays in a row, … Continue reading peace all year long

Today is a Beautiful Day!

It’s been hot here in Salem for the past couple days. Love the sun but instant hot/humid weather took some adjusting. Things look different on hot, sunny days. Abbi and I taking our jog mid morning before it gets hot. Fitting in any yard work before it gets hot. Closing up the house before it … Continue reading Today is a Beautiful Day!

God’s Word is Good

I wanted to record and share my readings from this morning. I'm inspired from them that all things work for the glory of God and 'his words accomplish his intended purpose even if that intention is not immediately clear to us.' So here's a short little clip from my findings. I read from "The Knowing … Continue reading God’s Word is Good

stay on your good side

This morning I started reading the book "Brave Love" by Lisa Leonard and oh my goodness it's going to be one of those books I can't set down!! (And honestly I'm not much of a reader so that says something about this book.) It's speaking right to me. I want to share all the tid-bits … Continue reading stay on your good side