• creativity always & forever a part of everyday life •

Life has been so full. Kids are grown and moving into their lives. My husband and I are contemplating what we want retirement to look like. And then, honestly, I just needed a space where I could share the creative side of my life in a bigger way.  So that’s where this blog came from. An idea. I hope this becomes a space where friends connect and ideas are discovered and shared. Creativity has been something to fall back on and keep me going at the same time.  Pretty sure I was born with it — one of the gifts God created in me — and for so many purposes too.  Mental health, play, focus, recovery, outlet, and serving others. Come and visit anytime you’d like.  Reach out too! After all I don’t want to just be talking to myself right?!  


I'd love to hear your ideas, questions and comments. Collaboration inquiries will be considered too. Fill out the form below and I’ll respond as soon as I can.