Encouragement from experience for hectic souls to learn less-stressed through creativity, nature & choices.

Experience. I’m right here in the middle of this with you. Realizing stress overwhelms and harms; making daily choices to be the best version of myself.

Creativity. It’s an outlet. It’s empowerment. It creates belief. There’s power in finding and using our creativity.

Opportunity. Comes around now and again. What will you do with it?  Take a chance on something new and wonderful? 

Nature. Created for us to benefit from and enjoy. Relaxing, healing and enveloping.

Choices. They determine everything. You have a voice in how you feel, think, eat, move, love, create, enjoy… live. We have so much more say in these than what we’re letting ourselves believe.

Be. There’s power and revelation in learning to BE in a moment.

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