peace all year long

Decided this week to draw a picture around the word peace. For many years the week after Christmas was a build up to let-down. The first of the year left behind holiday excitement and led into literally nothing. Have you felt that too? After having 3 wonderful and exciting, high paced holidays in a row, entering the new year can be kind-of a let down right?! Over here raising my hand!! I have felt that.

Then this past year happened and along with it a new perspective. The still. The slow. The moments. The idea of peacefulness in place; right here, right now. Here. Seeing life immediately around me. What it means to me and what I mean to it. The impact of the moment and I to the moment.

When Christmas came to a close I realized a deeper meaning of this peace. The holiday ‘Christmas’ is fleeting and man-made… temporary (no wonder it can leave us feeling empty). But I realize now it doesn’t have to. The deeper meaning is that the Heaven-made part of Christmas actually doesn’t end but goes on all year round. Got that?! 🙂 We celebrate a moment of Jesus’ life at Christmas time –his birthday– but he doesn’t go away afterwards.

The printable color sheet I’m sharing here today pictures what I envisioned when thinking of a peaceful pause. No, I didn’t include people in the picture and you probably wouldn’t see a little church so high in the mountains either. (Well at least not logically and not around here in Oregon). So maybe it’s not entirely realistic but when I think of peace I tend look up and that’s where I see tree tops, clouds and mountain peaks; simply put I see the power of God in his creation, nature. Know what? We are God’s creation too. And whereever God’s creation is he is too. There’s a peace in knowing that God is all powerful and always here. I am God’s creation and he is in me so I never need to feel let down after a holiday, or going to church, or a powerful seminar or Bible study or not being able to visit family and friends… ’cause He is alway with me. And you!

Right now as I’m typing this up Sabbath is coming to a close. It’s a cloudy, rainy windy day. In every way a most powerful display of God’s power in this moment. Take a pause and feel the peace in your place. Recognize how close God really is.

Thoughts from one friend to another. Have an absolutely beautiful first week of January 2021.

Email me your colored pictures to ! I’d love to see them! Or share them in your own way.

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