why not Mondays

I started out this morning looking for sayings to use in a post for a rainy Monday morning…or really any morning…that could encourage my friends on social media. I totally agree that returning from any day, trip or even an hour of quality time can leave the day-to-day seeming dull. I’m on a path to bring you freedom from the myth that says Mondays are horrible…that working is horrible…that being forced out of your comfort zone is horrible…

So I suppose I’m not the best example of a ‘career woman’–at least not in the typical sense. When my husband and I were talking of marriage this one thing was very real to me…I knew my place was to be in the home caring for him and our family. I knew I would be a home-maker, stay-at-home mom and house-wife; however you’d like to say it. And that’s what we decided together. Say it’s old-school? Not really. It’s a choice and a life-style just as is having two career parents and sitters as the norm. Each and every family is different but I don’t want this to be the subject of the day. Back to where I started.

I was fortunate to get to stay home with the kids but occasionally had to work in the evenings for supplemental income. I didn’t mind this for the most part but when I saw I was missing out on family routines and seeing my husband with the kids I felt out of place at work and needed to be back home. At least in my mind those were the terms. Silly now that I think back on it. I wasn’t missing out on anything and in all actuality I was giving a gift to my husband that so many don’t get; quality time alone with our kids. He got to experience and relay first’s for once. He got to create his own routine with the kids etc… You get the point. It’s nice to be able to look back now and see it in this view. But in that moment I cringed and cried and threw “tantrums” about why I had to go work and that I was missing out and…on-and-on. Ultimately I created my own anxiety and stress of it. Back then I would never of been able to get out of this mind frame alone. It took years of growing, experiencing and breaking to finally figure out that I was the one responsible for ‘if I enjoyed or hated something’. My space was my space and I could’ve made it completely tolerable.

So now looking back I want to share with you that you can do this too. Choose to skip the “tantrums” and build your happiness wherever you are. Okay, as mentioned at the beginning I was looking for an encouraging saying about Mondays. Well I found one and it’s what started this whole train of thought.

“Do what you love and you’ll never have a problem with Monday”

Like it ? Caught my attention. Of course most will just think of Mondays but this includes more…life actually. Each and every day can be what you want it to be. Some of us are dealing with awkward, annoying and even volatile work situations. Some of us are putting too much thought in how we’ll never amount to anything. Some of us are taking the work place too seriously and living it instead of actual life. Some of us are feeling trapped by finances or relationships and see no way out. No matter what you are dealing with that is–making your Mondays scary beyond belief–you can experience joy. How?

I’m not advising you to do anything drastic because obviously I’m not privy to your individual situation and am not a therapist or life coach. What I’m talking about it quite simple.

Do what you love every day!! Don’t only reserve fun for the weekends…cause that’s just silly. See your family! Really see them! Play games, get creative, ride your bike watch a movie. Dance!!


Thrive striving to love you for you. Tough is tough but it’s also your tough so choose to make the most of it. We are stronger because of our tough places.

Romans 8:18 NIV “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”

What will you do today amidst your dull-drums that will bring you joy?! Make today awesome!! Make today yours!!

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