update in my plexus journey

Journey continued…..March 5, 2019

I will always be amazed how much can happen health wise in just a few short months. Actually most of it has happened in just a couple weeks. So I gave a new product called Metaburn a try for a month to see if it would help with my metabolism etc. At first I felt lift and less desire to eat but as usual my eating handicaps kicked in. Yes that’s right I’ve realized that a lot of my weight problem is–plain and simple–from bad eating habits. I’m now working on getting that under control. Creating healthy meal plans and focusing on the positives in life to avoid the stress triggers for over eating. Went cabin camping with my husband this past weekend IN THE SNOW!! and realized that the lack of a schedule really lessened my stress level. Being able to sit and be in the moment; being able to inhale nature and really see our relationship created a freedom from stress I haven’t experienced in a long time. I’m also learning to forgive myself and not see myself through the glasses I thought my husband saw me thru. Wow I put so much pressure on myself and so much blame on others. It feels amazing to have these realizations come to light! But now here I am wandering off the topic even though its still so much the topic lol. Stress is a part of me…I realize that now more than ever…and I’m learning how to handle it with supplements, in quiet time with God, self-talk and relationships. 


But back to my Plexus journey  I should really call it my health journey cause Plexus is just helping to round out the whole of it. I stopped eating so many nuts and started eating my vegetables cooked. Apparently lectins (lectins are plant proteins that bind to molecules in cell membranes of the intestinal tract, irritate tissues, and cause tight junction proteins to malfunction.) can cause leaky gut and anything that is working against the probiotics I’m taking I want to stop till my gut is healed up. Anyway this has helped. I’m not going to be one of those extremest and never eat nuts etc (things with high lectins in them) again lol but I do believe that eating less of such will help my gut heal so I can enjoy these foods and digest them properly without overwhelming my body. A good example of sensitivities going away because of increasing gut health is this… a couple years ago I started having reactions to eggs. Would rash out on my chest and my tongue would tingle. I’ve tried several times since the first reaction to eat eggs again but with no improvement until about 3 weeks ago!! I had a hard boiled egg and had no reactions!! I know this is from better digestion!! I’m amazed and in awe that gut health research is actually working in me !! Non of this stuff is made up. I’m not claiming that plexus supplements have healed me but I do believe that the supplements have enabled my body to get back to a healthy state. And of course every body is different and will heal just as differently. This is my story and not a claim to plexus healing or diagnosing my issues. Just me taking these bio-available supplements and probiotics and experiencing the results. 


Also started up MegaX again which is the plant based essential omega’s. And was able to start using the skin care product Joyome again. It has coconut in it like I think I had mention earlier–which I also have an accumulated sensitivity to–but as time allows my system to heal I have less reactions and am able to utilize the goodness of these products as they are intended. Wow I wonder what all the doctors and dermatologist I’ve seen would say if I could tell them about this journey. The “diagnosis” they had labeled my issues with was so far off base. The medical community is starting to see the research behind gut health and the benefits in probiotics so hopefully more people will be properly diagnosed and treated in the future. Guess I’ve just been a guinea pig for all this time so others could benefit sooner. I’m ok with that now 

Have you tried Plexus yet? I’d love to hear what your results are.

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