…to rise

To begin a new day you have to rise. 

What does it mean to you to rise? 

Rolling out of bed.

Standing up tall.

Climbing to a high point.

Is it literal….physical….mental? Or all of these?

To rise is to achieve a state of mind & space that is slightly out of reach but within achievement. 

Gaining someones respect and approval. 

Learning a new tool for your virtual toolbox.

Mastering an objective and seeing the pride in it.

Giving yourself grace for 2 steps forward & 1 step back. 

In this time of my life age seems to be catching up with me.  I’m not light on my feet anymore.  Muscle tone isn’t beautiful to say the least. Flexibility and agility are learned practices.  And my mind wanders… of things past, present and future.  Also of things unknown, crazy and inspiring.  My mind is its’ own world.  A maze of directions my feet may never tread. But in my mind reality isn’t absolute.  I’m not discouraged by the unknown or out-of-reach…the unattainable is always an option. 

Until someone dashes my dreams with pessimistic doubts are my dreams still possibilities…but once that single cluster of concerns are spoken my mind adopts them and builds them into skyscrapers. What a horrific image.  To help someone dash my dreams from their singular verbiage I create monuments even I can’t conceive.  My dreams seem more probable than these.  

I’m reminded of a special person and her words in achieving and finding grace despite life.  Rachel Hollis. I am made for more.  You are made for more. My dreams matter.  My dreams are my dreams and not one soul can make them into anything different.  Created mindfully and solely from inspiration and intelligent enthusiasm.  My dreams will become real.  

From hard work, calculating, creative thinking and toiling…I see my dreams becoming reality. And on and on dreams come and I work thru them, with them and in them to build my life. My past, present and future are my dreams in action. 

Don’t dash someones dreams.  Let them live them for they are their source of life and happiness.  Dreams give us drive.  Motivation to excel in life and live for our friends and loved ones.  And when ones dream become present they are able to encourage and build others up so they too can have their dreamed realities. What a wonderful thing.  

To begin a new day you have to rise.

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