real life

Christmas has been real. I know the story of Jesus being born as a baby. The nativity story as we call it. Have read, listened to and watched depictions of just that story multiple times over the past few weeks. It’s refreshing and heart-warming to see snip-its of the true meaning of Christmas interspersed throughout the season. On mugs, in snow-globes, nativity scenes in front yards or church sanctuaries. Children dressing up to act out the story scenes we all know so well. But the “real life” description is far from the truth. Even though we read the stories and watch the reenactments there is still something missing.

I imagine myself in Mary’s place. …Holding close this new baby of mine wondering how I could be so blessed. Still wondering how my husband Joseph truly felt about the whole pregnancy and birth knowing this baby wasn’t his. And our families!! But once again I calm my thoughts and choose to trust in God’s lead. This baby being born has brought so many wonders and emotions to my heart. What did God need from us? Why did He allow His Son to be put into this fragile situation? Why didn’t He take better care of His baby boy in giving him a more favorable place to start his human life? These thoughts are only momentary; replaced instinctively with peace. In all the immediate surroundings, smells and sensations I am content to just snuggle my baby and lean into Joseph. Even the shepherds coming in to view to worship the baby King Jesus just add to my contentment. This is truly of God.

So what makes our lives any more different and difficult than the one Mary and Joseph were thrown into? Honestly when we compare situations we have it pretty easy. The stress…we bring upon ourselves. The chaos…only because we choose to be involved. The debt…because we focus on the worlds version of Christmas. The over-involvement….because we’re living up to false expectations.

Yes, yet another year has gone by and I’ve found myself caught up in a little of both versions of Christmas. There are “traditions” I feel I have to keep up with to make everyone happy. For me it’s always been about making others happy. Like that’s really my responsibility or even an ability!! So as soon as I saw acceptably fitting I took down the tree and put all the decorations away and finally found my Christmas peace. The season for me wasn’t in the details but in the moments and I lost a few of those when I was stressing over…yes….the details. It wasn’t until the calm returned that I could feel the reason of the season.

Wonderfully to behold the beauty in our Saviours’ birth doesn’t go away after the 25th. It continues…all year round for He was born here, lived here and died here on this earth amongst people just like you and me with struggles, pain, fears and joys. He was here and lived with us! He also rose from the dead and returned to Heaven with His Heavenly Father to prepare our home…the one He won for us through His death and resurrection. So it’s plain to see that the peace Christmas holds doesn’t end in December but continues on past today to the day Jesus will return once again and take us home to Heaven to live with him and our Heavenly Father!!

Oh my! Can you feel the season now!? Brings a whole new light to making new year resolutions right?! What to focus on and to hold value to. Who to share our joys and stories with. Life is real. There is truth beyond our imagination but is still so true and real and available. This is real life!!

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