reminded of simplicity

Woke up to large rain drop steadily pouring this morning. The  soothing sound was a wonderful way to start my day.  I still have holiday ideas running thru my head from last nights perusing of the web. Not that I really needed the web to get more ideas…mostly just to sort out the ones I already have and get focused on what needs to be done.  I think I’m ready to get back at creating today.

I’m a vendor at a Christmas Bazaar in Tillamook Oregon in a couple weeks. Any time I get to set up my booth is an exciting event for me.  Means meeting other crafty people and those whose hearts are warmed by the hand-made.  All the smiles and stories collected would make a great novel.  How do we bring in the holidays? What makes them so special? What parts are real and warm? And what parts are implied as tradition? 

Now that our kids are grown into young adults our traditions have started changing some each year. Not because the secrets and games are any less fun but because schedules and places separate us a bit more than they used to.  Sometimes I find that hard to accept but I’m reminded how grateful I am that we still gather! There is still love and desire to be together. 

We drove to the mountains this past Sunday and selected our Christmas tree.  Now thats a tradition that will always stand for sure haha!! No matter the weather we will still go. Tromping thru the woods, snapping pictures of whatever catches the eye, seeing so many ok trees, but then when the one for this year catches our eye we are down to business.  Haha not really its always all fun!  With saw in hand and everyone gathered around in anticipation, whomever desires starts sawing.  Crisp air. Damp coastal fog. Rich fir fragrance. Earthy freshness.  Laughter. Jokes. We are here, together, gathering our first bit of Christmas for this year.  It signifies to us that the season has officially begun.  

beautiful noble firs

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