Thanksgiving this year will find our family gathering together.  Gathering helps us remember that family comes before ‘comforts’ and personal desires. How we view an occasion changes when family enters the picture. We have 3 choices here.  1. Embrace the change and chaos that family events bring… 2. grumble and complain the entire time showing your Scrooge self… OR 3. skip out entirely telling yourself that a quiet holiday is what you’d rather have.

Don’t fool yourself. Strengthening that family bond warms everyones hearts.   I wouldn’t have it any other way!! …though I am lucky to have a family that enriches my life.  Some don’t and if you are someone with a biological family that brings out the worst in you then of course it’s not meant to be.  Find family in friend groups!! You don’t have to be born into a family to be included. 

Let’s make a point this year to gather together. 

Happy Thanksgiving!! 

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