Joyome Results

My Plexus Journey continued… November 19, 2018

So about a month ago I started using the skin care product Joyome.  ‘Wow!’ if I might say so myself, lol.  Let me give a little history…

Thru the past couple years I had developed (on top of everything else) a sensitivity to coconut.  This was awful since I used coconut to create all those wonderful creamy dessert replacements like key lime pie, pumpkin pie, and whipped toppings (mmmm)!  Of course I gave them up and still haven’t introduced them back into my diet but that wasn’t the only place coconut had started bothering me.  I had developed a topical sensitivity too. So all those creamy “healing” lotions said to nourish my eczema-ravished skin weren’t an option anymore.  Bother!! I turned to trying to find other solutions but even they would seem to help for awhile then begin to irritate my skin too. Eczema was starting to take control.  

Then after using plexus supplements for about 10 months a new skincare product was released…Joyome.  The exciting part of Joyome was that it had microbiome balancing ingredients in it that were said to, ‘help replenish and protect the skin’s moisture barrier’. For me this meant help guard agains environmental toxins (as my dermatologist had explained).  Now I know from experience that nothing is fool-proof or nor does anything completely heal a problem but I was eager to give this new product a try even though I knew it contained coconut derived ingredients.  And you guessed it; the first 2 times I tried it my skin welted and swelled up on the application site.  But the third time it didn’t.  WHY?! you ask!! Well… I believe that since I had been using the plexus probiotics and bio-available multi-vitamins for 10 ish months they had been working hard on healing my gut which in turn began to allow me to once again digest nutrients that my body had been fighting.  It’s said that our skin is also an organ and has bacteria in and on it which needs help in controlling just as in our intestines.  Isn’t that cool!! Now for the majority of people this may just seem interesting but for those like me with skin issues and sensitivities this is AWESOME news!! And that’s why I was so excited and persistent to give Joyome a try.  No, it’s not a cure for eczema (especially since no conclusive cause has been founded) but it is an opportunity for those of us who suffer to help control our flareups.  

So that’s why I’m sharing today. When I started using Joyome I took a before picture and then about a month later an “after” picture.  I was hesitant to share these pictures for just one reason.  Not everyone will heal the same way.  Most of you will get better & faster results than I have or may ever get.  But for me my results feel like a blessing. When I have an eczema flare up I can apply a small amount to help control that spot; and with daily applications my skin is slowly strengthening to help fight those flare ups because I’m adding that excellent balancing microbiome layer.

Again I need to share that Plexus Worldwide doesn’t claim to heal or fix any diseases or issues with their products.  They have done excellent research in creating quality supplement combos that our bodies are able to absorb to begin a healing process.  Each person will respond differently to supplements depending on their health and lifestyle.  It’s up to the consumer to work with their physician to create a personalized health- plan/life-style along with the recommended supplements.  But if your physician is like mine they will get excited when you show interested in healing our body with a little work and time rather than with instant medications.  

5 thoughts on “Joyome Results

  1. great articles and full vitamins of knowledge, and it is true, in short, saying, you are what you eat, we make ourselves sick by food or just fall healthy, I believe in natural remedies, thank you very much !!!

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    1. I’m so glad you understand the benefits of good choices too! We have to be careful with what we eat but also with what supplements we take. They are not all created equal right?!


      1. good morning, thank you for the great commentary answer, we are all born on this earth with a single feature and this is our fingerprint gene no is the same, I mean, if we (humans) know what harms us and what does not , we have or have no more worries, the question is the interest, and the winner is we, no pharme and Co.
        yes, to the dietary supplements if you have done that yourself, and no chime that brings our balance together,
         or similar foreign substances, in meditranean cooks I have probably recognized everyone eat or malzeit everything is full of vitamins, in the old Egyptians, they have their rezpten scratched on the wall, so the coming after weekly cook never forget what healthy and what Not. I have never had nutritional supplements, interpersonal
        I’m so glad you understand the benefits of making good decisions! We have to be careful with what we really eat, but we also do not have to worry about the supplements. a wonderful weekend I wish you.((((((((((((*L*))))


      2. I appreciate your response. But many do need to worry about the supplements and probiotics. Not everyone realizes their lack of nutrient absorption until it’s too late.


      3. Thank you !! they have fully recognized correctly, and hopefully our instructions will reach as many people as possible to stay healthy, but there are ancient egyptian saying that we have dry throat seek water, i thank you, and wish you beautiful healthy stress free week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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