how are you?

What’s on your mind?

What’s in your heart?

How did this become a part of you? Who or what did you allow to place it there?  Is it good to you or does it hurt you?

Influences are not all equal. It doesn’t matter if they are outside influences or in our minds.  Be so careful to only hear and receive truths! I want you, my friend, to know how valuable you are and that you deserve peace of heart and mind.  Then there’s always the question of how.

God loves you; has never & will never lie to you! Anything from Him is truth. He places value on you in the Bible.  Yes, reading the Bible can seem foreign and ancient but it’s not!! It’s written for all generations and Peoples.  It’s written for you!! Self-help books promise step-by-step plans to encourage and uplift you (and some do help)…. but all good and truth originates from the Bible and the Bible alone so I’m suggesting starting there makes the most sense. Then you’ll be led to more truths.

We can find truth in health too.  No not in the gimmicks and fads invented daily, but in the true basics of health that we all know.  Plenty of water, rest, sunshine, exercise, advice from our medical practitioners, quality supplements and a balanced intake from the food pyramid.  We tend to ignore them because they are too easy and realistic.  Old news.  Things we have to work at to get results.  Quick “gimmick” fixes and fads (that go away tomorrow…) are much more enticing but of course they are a lasting waste of time and effort.

It may seem off the wall for me to be talking about this subject today but I have reasons heavy on my heart.  Privacy matters to me, so no names will be included but just knowing that others, living real lives are struggling, makes this important to me today.

I think of sudden deaths, life altering health issues, age, life role changes, expectations, regrets, sadness, pain, misunderstandings….

….A father/brother/husband/friend lost his life in a car accident this past week.

….A wife doesn’t feel understood by her husband.

….A daughter chooses a friend over her family.

….A pet is misunderstood and disliked for inconvenient results of its health issues.

….Good news of quality isn’t heard/recognized because there are too many previous lies clouding those truths.

….A mother is convinced she has no say beyond her household.

….A husband/father feels trapped by debt and circumstance.

….Someone burdened by pain and physical limitations sees no answers.

….A young adult feels its impossible to live up to the suggested social norm so they give up.

Oh my this is looking really dark and gloomy.  My intention is not to leave you with that gloomy image and downcast sensation.  Never! But in order to see the need for light we have to feel the darkness.  The reality I’m painting for you is there is darkness but even better…there is LIGHT!!

So grab it!! Open your Bible, go for a bike ride, walk the dog, dance to music, sit in the sunshine, go to bed on time, drink refreshing water, fill your fridge with fresh produce, make a healthy homemade meal with friends rather than eating out, ask your doctor about starting a healthier lifestyle, listen to trusted individuals & heed trusted advice, take quality supplements & probiotics, create art, paint-write-knit-garden-design-color…., go to church, take a class/learn something new, pray, listen instead of fixing, open up your heart to friendship, talk positively to yourself, be in this moment.

Life isn’t a dead end.  Don’t take the circumstance you are in for granted.  Search and you will find truths right in front of you!! Truths for you!! You will see that you are valuable and valued. Knowing this is good but taking a step beyond that and allowing yourself freedom to feel it from a source, like from your Heavenly Father or friends or family or a teacher… defines it in your heart. Then the truth becomes part of who you are and you become better a version of yourself because of this truth.

So friends even if you are not in any of the above listed scenarios I’m certain you know someone who is…please take the time to be truth in their lives.  So many people are hurting from unreasonable circumstances and need to see a way out to survive. Help them see that light by being truth in their moment. But you are from one of the scenarios or have one of your own and you can see it now please take hope and comfort in that you are not alone!! and you are not at a dead end!! You are valued!! Cannot emphasize that enough!! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY VALUED!! Seek a source that can help you see this….family, friends, church leaders, doctors…and let them help you find your truth again.

I pray that your heart is warmed today and your mind is enlightened.  That you step out in your life a refreshed better version of yourself because you are on your journey to finding your truth. I am grateful you were able to read here today and hope you will share with a friend.

Keep writing your story and finding your truth!!

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