A new plant to explore! ¬†Well not entirely new to me since I enjoy a cup of it nearly every morning. Chicory ūüôā¬†IMG_9629

I was additionally delighted to learn Chicory is apparently related to the Dandelion. I drink Dandelion tea for stomach rest. ¬†I figured there was some relation since the leaves look similar. ¬†The flowers are a beautiful cornflower blue. ¬†Found one with the said “rare” white flowers too. ¬†But what is so exciting to me is the potential of collecting seeds and planting my own at home and then cultivating the roots for tea! ¬†I love finding nature that I already purchase to use and then getting to create my own source. Domestic life means so much to me. ¬†Hard work and satisfaction from doing it myself. ¬†I feel productive.

I researched a list of plants in Oregon that are used for dyeing.

So as we travel on our summer adventures this will be my goal…to collect plants for dyeing yarn. ¬†Maybe this fall you’ll see some hand dyed yarns in my store ūüôā or even at the Pacific City Farmers Market.

Speaking of the farmers market. ¬†I have some possible sad news. ¬†I heard talk of them changing the day of the the week for the market from Sunday to Friday. ¬†Wouldn’t be so terrible but the time would be evening 4-7pm and I can’t do that. ¬†To close to the Sabbath. ¬†So I’ll keep you updated whether this change happens or not. ¬†Guess the Pacific City residents would prefer to shop on Friday rather than Sunday. ¬†Hmmm. ¬†We’ll see where this path leads.

Another hot summer day.  Been getting out early to walk my Abbi.  IMG_9301

The blackberries are so big and juicy sweet this year. Have a bucket full in the fridge waiting to be made into a cobbler.  And been eating our fill in the fields.  Delicious!!


Abbi spotted a bunny near the blackberry bushes and started to stock it.  Lol. I think that was her first sighting of a rabbit.  More curious than anything.  Funny.  We also saw a family of quail.

Oh and I have to tell you about the bear I saw on my way to farmers market Sunday. ¬†I came around a corner and saw a large, black object way ahead in the middle of my lane. ¬†Thought at first something had fallen off a truck. ¬†As I got closer I saw it was a bear!! So cool. ¬†The poor thing though I feel was inexperienced with cars and zig-zagged in the road trying to get away which ultimately gave me a great close look…a beautiful healthy fat bear ūüôā Just made my day getting to see him for so long! ¬†Usually I only catch a glimpse of them running up an embankment. ¬†They are fast critters!!

Well friends I’m going to start the rest of my day now. ¬†Knits to finish. ¬†Strawberries to freeze. Cobbler to make & bake. And a dog to walk lol. ¬†I love my life!

Remember you are a child of God and He loves you so very much!

Your friend Kimberly.

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