A new plant to explore!  Well not entirely new to me since I enjoy a cup of it nearly every morning. Chicory 🙂 IMG_9629

I was additionally delighted to learn Chicory is apparently related to the Dandelion. I drink Dandelion tea for stomach rest.  I figured there was some relation since the leaves look similar.  The flowers are a beautiful cornflower blue.  Found one with the said “rare” white flowers too.  But what is so exciting to me is the potential of collecting seeds and planting my own at home and then cultivating the roots for tea!  I love finding nature that I already purchase to use and then getting to create my own source. Domestic life means so much to me.  Hard work and satisfaction from doing it myself.  I feel productive.

I researched a list of plants in Oregon that are used for dyeing.

So as we travel on our summer adventures this will be my goal…to collect plants for dyeing yarn.  Maybe this fall you’ll see some hand dyed yarns in my store 🙂 or even at the Pacific City Farmers Market.

Speaking of the farmers market.  I have some possible sad news.  I heard talk of them changing the day of the the week for the market from Sunday to Friday.  Wouldn’t be so terrible but the time would be evening 4-7pm and I can’t do that.  To close to the Sabbath.  So I’ll keep you updated whether this change happens or not.  Guess the Pacific City residents would prefer to shop on Friday rather than Sunday.  Hmmm.  We’ll see where this path leads.

Another hot summer day.  Been getting out early to walk my Abbi.  IMG_9301

The blackberries are so big and juicy sweet this year. Have a bucket full in the fridge waiting to be made into a cobbler.  And been eating our fill in the fields.  Delicious!!


Abbi spotted a bunny near the blackberry bushes and started to stock it.  Lol. I think that was her first sighting of a rabbit.  More curious than anything.  Funny.  We also saw a family of quail.

Oh and I have to tell you about the bear I saw on my way to farmers market Sunday.  I came around a corner and saw a large, black object way ahead in the middle of my lane.  Thought at first something had fallen off a truck.  As I got closer I saw it was a bear!! So cool.  The poor thing though I feel was inexperienced with cars and zig-zagged in the road trying to get away which ultimately gave me a great close look…a beautiful healthy fat bear 🙂 Just made my day getting to see him for so long!  Usually I only catch a glimpse of them running up an embankment.  They are fast critters!!

Well friends I’m going to start the rest of my day now.  Knits to finish.  Strawberries to freeze. Cobbler to make & bake. And a dog to walk lol.  I love my life!

Remember you are a child of God and He loves you so very much!

Your friend Kimberly.

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