Plexus Journey Updated

Journey Continued…June 20, 2018

I’ve earned Silver Ambassador Status!! Yeah!  This in it’s simplicity means that the people I’m sharing Plexus with are excited about it too.  Growing my team.

Recently I felt like I had hit a plateau in healing.  Thought maybe it was me not doing something right but realized that I’m still dealing with Candida die-off symptoms.  If you’ve never looked into what that is google it!! Crazy stuff that happens in our bodies when the bad bacteria doesn’t have it’s way anymore.  The symptoms that effect me are skin issues (enhanced from what I already deal with) and weight gain.  Apparently our liver has to play catch up to all the good happening and can take a little extra time to filter out the Candida die-off toxins.  So now I’m making sure I get in all my water plus a little extra and eating whole foods as consistently as possible.  Also decided to stop bread for awhile (not that there is anything wrong with bread…just a little harder to digest for most) to help my digestion to de-stress.  I’m looking forward to results!!

I’ve also learned that taking a multi-vitamin is more important for you than most people think.  We not only would never be able to get all the whole wholesome foods in us daily to guarantee all our nutrients but in addition there are many factors playing against our healthiest eating habits.  Our bodies are dealing with toxins in the air, water and earth 24/7. Things we won’t be rid of until Jesus re-creates this earth at His second coming. In addition we have our individual medical histories that contribute to stress on our systems.  Stress, inflammation, immune disorders, a

llergies, age…all contribute to how our bodies heal.  And what God meant for us….vitamins and minerals…from a great source is the only way to stand against all this inflicting bombardment.

So I am encouraged in taking my multi-vitamin and probiotics daily.  Even if I’m not 100% functioning I know I’m better off with them than without them.  Like it’s said, ‘Consider how long it took for your body to get to this state of health….it’s not going to heal overnight.’  Healing takes time.  Which brings up another point.

I had been feeling so awesome, with energy renewed and moods lifted so I thought I would try stopping my anti-depressant meds.  Well, it worked for a couple weeks but then I realize than no I’m not healed enough to do that yet.  I’m back on a very low doze and am ok with it.  So many improvements now with a lifetime for more. Can’t rush healing.

So if you are reading this and are wondering if you could benefit; absolutely!  Everyone deserves great quality supplements at an affordable price.  Contact me here if you are interested in making a change.

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