step by step

Thinking about how fast life has grown around me. I attended my 25 year High School class reunion last weekend and in catching up with friends and seeing their responsibilities in life with kids & vocations it just caught be off guard.  Where does time go when you aren’t involved? Through all those memories my friends have created/lived and all I see is the product of 25 years.  It’s in my life too.  People see my kids and wonder when they grew up. My new little nephew approaching 9 months…growing incredibly fast…and I feel even in just a few months I’m missing a life. I don’t like being on the outside of a life. Circumstances can plan otherwise.  Of course it’s impossible to be near and involved directly with everyone but knowing that there are relationships I can be more involved in opens my heart to needed change. Visits may not always be possible but phone calls, online chats, emails and contacting in social media are.  I’ve let the needless areas of life fill my surroundings and day-to-day. Things that are senseless and time-consuming but not emotionally profound or relationally prevalent. So much I can let go of…

I started this journey of awareness a couple years ago realizing how fast paced and stressful life was getting; involved with too much that others could be doing; racing through endless online entertainment; working more than humanly possible; judging and dictating every detail, and just not letting something happen in their own time. I was trying to control it all and had to physically and emotionally let go. But letting go was only the first step.  Letting go of the unnecessary and going onto living intensionally was what should have happened.  Instead I admit I let guilt of not keeping up with fast-paced-life overwhelm me. I needed community and backed away intimidated; I needed family but instead let my emotions control me; and I let others (blinded by their own fast paced lives) dictate how I should be feeling.

Inevitably we all have to learn from our own teaching!  Some have to experience to learn instead of learning from others experience; that was me!! Not too much guilt with that though since there aren’t many experienced individuals near anymore; seems we’re all caught in this trap.  This is me now stepping out of the perpetual trap and learning to live intentionally to be that much needed example of experience for the upcoming generation.

Taken a step (many steps) back from the imposed fast paced life and intentionally making choices to know & connect with my family and friends, and make new friends is a healing & heart warming process!  Community means so much!! God intended community from the beginning.  That’s why He created Adam AND Eve. We are not meant to be alone (no matter how much we annoy each other haha).

So I hope the take-away you get from all my rambling this day is that you too will stop and see how much you are missing and how much you want to be a part of. The most important step though is to not stop there but to also step out intentionally and choose!!

It’s our choice ! step-by-step and not already planned out for us!! God gave us the gift of intention to stop and receive those hugs… and pick the flowers… and warm the hearts… and create the community that we would all be so lost without.

Profound realizations are the inspiration we need! Share them! They are real! Don’t let them be intimidating. You may just bless someones heart by sharing today.

Have a great spring day my friend!


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