light at the end of the tunnel

I’m trying to see the light at the end of this tunnel. This “tunnel” is being kept away from being able to knit and design patterns and have a little store. When there’s a dream you know there’s a way but it’s been such a terribly long trek that I’m getting wary that there will be no end. But I will continue to keep my hope alive.  This summer I enjoyed playing vendor at several farmers market events in Pacific City, Oregon.  Just being able to see my knits become keepsakes and/or soon to be gifted treasures was a treat in itself.  Meeting people from local areas and from out of state to out of country…them feeling welcomed at the familiar site of a knit shop even if it was set up in the grass.  Midst the rainy, windy blustery days and into the warm and dry ones people came and went.  “Sampling” the knits with their fingers and eyes feeling akin to the familiar feel of fiber and similarity of patterns.  Purchasing finds I’ve created or promising (more to themselves than to me) that they will return.  And the regulars coming each week to chat and look.  All good feelings.  All good dealings.  And even some connections to keep in contact with in the following months.  Maybe even requests for classes or advice.  I hope to hear from them all.  The challenge of creating the image in their eye into a design from mine.  To me its a thrill and a pleasure.  So no I won’t give up on this long tunnel like dream.  I know the light is still there.  I will reach it because I have people that believe in me stronger than those that don’t.  So to all my new found fans and Facebook likes…hello to you too.  I will keep going just because I have found pleasure in brightening your day.

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