I’m so excited to be starting this chapter of my blog. Realizing more the value of life and how society gets us so distracted and disconnected that we loose sight of real life. I need the down to earth, natural, “I love to live” kind of life.

As I travel this new calm path I want to share my finds and experiences with someone and looks like that happens to be you! Cool! Thanks for joining me. I hope you can find a calm here and will want to return. Oh and I’d love to hear from you too 🙂

So obviously I’m making some changes and what better place to start than my closet lol. (Much needed changes.) I have many clothes that are out of date…don’t fit anymore…will never ever fit (I will stop dreaming that they could) and stuff I didn’t even remember I had. Have you seen the tv shows up and coming trend of tiny houses? Well when you watch enough of them you begin to realize that you have too much stuff! and then there are the blogs and Pinterest posts on grouping outfits. Really makes sense when you think about it as much as I have been. So all this thinking has created a pile of either donations or a potential garage sale items in my hallway. There are always things we can get rid of. After all…who doesn’t enjoy a good garage sale now and then haha.

Here I go…taking a step towards a huge dream. Downsizing to live big!

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